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Jim Fields is the Founder and Managing Director of Relay. He specializes in creating stunning pieces of video content, both for large technology brands and disruptive startup businesses. His work has gained millions of views in China for clients such as Baidu, Tencent, and Lenovo.

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  • Facebook videos are hot. But what are the video trends on WeChat?
  • In creating videos, does it require a different thought process or strategy from the West such as the length of the video and engagement?
  • The main differences between how videos are created for foreigners and how videos are created for Chinese people.
  • Question: When it comes to dealing with language, are all videos in Chinese with Chinese subtitles?
  • Jim discusses some of the most successful videos / genres in Chinese videos
  • Jim talks about what video platform he uploads the videos to
  • Question: animated GIFs, emoticons, holding the phone down to record a video, mini-videos shared around and downloaded locally on a user’s phone to watch — Are these helpful or you have worked with?
  • How to get people to actually watch the videos
  • Question: As an Indiegogo Evangelist for China, what exactly does this mean and how can you help people run their campaigns?
  • Tips for those coming to China – books, resources, etc.
  • How people can reach out to Jim

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