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Elyse Ribbons is an American entrepreneur, writer, businesswoman, and playwright who lives and works in Beijing. Known in China by her Chinese name Liu Suying (柳素英), she spends time on both corporate work media work (via columns, a nationally syndicated radio show – China Radio International’s Laowai Kandian, regular news media appearances and filming movies). She is currently the CEO and Founder of GeiLi giving. She has authored several articles for Forbes magazine [1] on business, culture, and life in China.

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  • Elyse introduces herself and what she’s been engaged with recently
  • Elyse mentioned in another interview that she is half Chinese. She explains how this is expressed
  • Question: Do you see yourself more as an artist or as an entrepreneur?
  • Elyse tells us more about GeiLi Giving, why she started it and what her vision is
  • Elyse shares her experience when she joined Chinaccelerator and how it helped develop Geili Giving
  • Overview of social enterprises nowadays in China
  • The future of social enterprises in China
  • Elyse’s biggest challenges with GeiLi Giving and how her performing skills helped her in building it
  • Recommends two books that influenced her the most
  • The best way to reach out to Elyse

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