Editor’s note: This originally appeared on Analyse Asia, a weekly podcast hosted by Bernard Leong, dedicated to dissecting the pulse of business, technology, and media in Asia. The podcast features guests from Asia’s vibrant tech community.

Piruze Sabuncu from Stripe joined in a conversation to discuss the company’s footprint across Asia and how they are helping the startups from Asia to scale to the rest of the world. We discussed their recent one year anniversary celebrations where they unveiled the startup stack and the key tools which most startups are using for their businesses. Last but not least, Piruze also shared her thoughts on digital payments and cashless society and how it will impact Asia’s recent focus on the subject.

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Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Piruze Sabuncu (@piruzes, LinkedIn), Head of Southeast Asia & Hong Kong, Stripe [0:38]
    • How did you start your career? [1:08]
    • In your career journey, what are the interesting lessons you can share with my audience? [2:21]
    • How do you find Asia given that you have come from a culture that Europe centric and with your work experience in the US? [3:14]
  • Stripe in Southeast Asia [4:30]
    • Can you introduce Stripe to my audience and what is the vision and mission of the company? [4:55]
    • What is your current role and coverage in Stripe? [5:36]
    • What is the current footprint of Stripe in Asia Pacific? [5:59]
    • Stripe’s partnership with Alipay & Tenpay in China [6:20]
    • Who are the customers of Stripe? How does one onboard with Stripe? [7:05]
    • What are the products and services which Stripe offer to merchants or developers? [8:51]
    • Stripe just celebrated its one year anniversary in Singapore. What are some of the milestones you’ve achieved in the past year? [11:31]
    • How are startups within the region, for example, Singapore go global from Day 1? [12:39]
    • Stripe also announced a new research called Startup Stack to celebrate its anniversary. What were some of your key findings? What are some of the interesting technology tools that power this new wave of entrepreneurship? [13:54]
    • Specifically, I am interested in Stripe Atlas. Can Asian startups tap on Stripe Atlas and how can they go about doing that? [16:31]
    • Specifically for Asia, do we need to customise these products and services in the local markets? [17:40]
    • What are the key challenges in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong with relations to digital payments? [19:03]
    • How can we move from a society who handles so much cash to a cashless one?
    • Where do you see the role of Stripe in this cashless society world? [20:25]
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