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Drew Kirchhoff is a co-founder of Yoli, a WeChat-first on-demand English and Chinese language learning platform. Before co-founding yoli, Drew worked at Yodo1, where he helped build up the mobile gaming company’s international biz dev and global publishing business. He was the product manager of Crossy Road, a casual mobile gaming title that won an Apple Design Award and earned Google Play Game of the Year in 2015, tallying more than 100 million downloads worldwide. Since co-founding yoli just over a year ago, he has been an avid WeChat entrepreneur, featured by WeChat’s Enterprise Account team, and frequently consults for companies on their WeChat product development strategy.

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  • Drew shares about his history and how he got into startups and e-commerce
  • Drew discusses how he met his co-founders and how Yoli started Yoli is running within WeChat
  • Drew shares why they decided to keep it on this platform
  • Question: How technical is developing Yoli on WeChat?
  • Drew explains how they got the word out about Yoli in the beginning
  • Transitioning from H.I. to A.I.
  • Using QR codes in China vs. in the West
  • Drew shares how they have developed and are still developing Yoli

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  • Yoli Chat
  • WeChat
  • WeChat ID: YoliYingyu
  • For the Chinese account, search WeChat ID: YoliMandarin

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