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Kyle Ellicott is the Founder and Chief Labs Officer of ReadWrite / ReadWrite Labs (formerly known as Wearable IoT World, Inc.), a San Francisco-based Media and Ventures company dedicated to creating the social fabric for businesses around Wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. The company is focused on connecting technological experts, thought-leaders, corporate/startup executives, and investors as they build these emerging technologies through fostering dynamic relationships between brands, businesses, and bright minds.

Originally from Michigan, Ellicott is a lifelong entrepreneur who started building computers for clients at the age of 15 and worked his way through college in a variety of IT roles, including networking, security, and forensics. His passion for innovation led to his founding of several startup companies, including a media company and prominent digital agency, and his leadership in the Wearables and IoT space led to his creation of ReadWrite Labs (formerly known as Wearable World Labs), a division of Wearable World, Inc., which is the world’s first accelerator/incubator blend solely focused on Wearables and IoT. Ellicott is a noted speaker, consultant, and published author with over 10 years of technical and product experience with such companies as Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Eventup, and TechZulu.

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  • Kyle shares a little bit about his background
  • Discussion on what ReadWrite Labs does, specifically in Asia and China these days
  • Kyle shares what he’s seen and felt during the 2018 Startup Launchpad
  • Kyle shares a bit about the speech he gave during the 2018 Startup Launchpad
  • Kyle’s first impression of Shenzhen compared to Hong Kong
  • Question for Kyle: How is doing businesses internationally, and what have you learned in doing businesses in Asia?
  • Kyle shares the impact of his perspective of doing businesses and building companies
  • Question: What does cross-border investment mean within the current economic context of China and the U.S. to you? What are the potentials in it and challenges?
  • Kyle is helping many expat-founded startups in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. He now shares what most of them need with and how he goes about helping them
  • Kyle shares tips on building networks in China
  • How people can reach Kyle and his business

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