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John Artman, editor in chief from TechNode and host of China Tech Talk, joined us to discuss why blockchain is now hot again in China despite the ban on ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges. We discussed the Chinese government’s recent enthusiasm in promoting the development of blockchain technologies, and the major applications that will emerge. Last but not least, we discuss how China’s development in blockchain might spur Chinese technology companies to go global.

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Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • John Artman (@knowsnothingLinkedIn), Editor in Chief from Technode and Host of China Tech Talk and NodeWorthy podcasts [0:38]
    • Since our last conversation, what have you been up to? [1:24]
    • TechCrunch Hangzhou event on 2-3 July 2018 [1:32]
  • Why blockchain is hot again in China [3:37]
    • Given that the Chinese government has banned ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges, why is the story of blockchain becoming relevant in China again? [3:50]
    • Why did the Chinese government banned the cryptocurrency exchanges given that bitcoin and ethereum are mainstream globally? [6:32]
    • Where is the stage of development for China’s major blockchain players such as Neo and Qtum?  [8:46]
    • What are the major applications of blockchain in China? Are they applied mainly in the utilities and energy space or watermarking of original content? [10:22]
    • Do you see the blockchain applications in China align with the Chinese government’s ‘made in China 2025’ initiative? [12:27]
    • Will the Chinese government eventually issue their own cryptocurrency? [15:47]
    • In the West, we are seeing blockchain applications that can dis-intermediate the current applications such as Google and Facebook, do you see the same happening in China? [18:06]
    • Do you see the Chinese technology companies will leverage blockchain as their means to expand globally? [20:04]
    • Will the development in blockchain technologies in China focused on private or public sector needs for the next 1-2 years? [22:51]
  • Closing [24:36]

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