Chinese online grocer Dingdong Maicai is planning sweeping job cuts that will affect several business units of the company, according to Chinese media outlet Sina Tech. The reported workforce cuts will impact different departments, with the procurement team facing the largest reduction in the number of posts to just 50% of its current workforce, followed by a 30% cut for the algorithm unit, 30% for the operations team, and 10-20% for the firm’s recruitment arm. Dingdong’s headcount has already shrunk by around 10,000 compared with its peak, the report cites an employee of company as saying. The Beijing-based firm recorded a RMB 2.01 billion ($320 million) net loss in the third quarter of last year, more than doubling its RMB 828.6 million net loss over the same period of 2020. [Sina Tech, in Chinese]