Leading Chinese display maker BOE released its Q4 and 2021 earnings on Thursday. The company’s net profit also grew by 413% to RMB 25.8 billion last year. Revenue grew 62% to RMB 219.3 billion ($34.5 billion) in 2021, with almost 60% of that revenue coming from overseas markets. For Q4 of 2021, BOE brought in RMB 56 million in revenue and earned a net profit of RMB 5.8 billion. The company’s monitor business made RMB 202.2 billion, contributing to 92% revenues in 2021, a 64% year-on-year growth. Chen Yanshun, chairman of BOE’s board, said that BOE continues to ship the most display products used in smartphones, tablets, laptops, monitors, and TVs worldwide. [BOE, press release]