Taiwan-based personal computer vendor Asus has teamed up with Tencent to release two new gaming phones aimed at professional mobile gamers. The phones, which go by the name ROG 6 and ROG 6 Pro, were announced on Tuesday, with price ranging from RMB 3,999 to RMB 7,999 ($597 to $1194).

Why it matters: Asus has used its brand, ROG (Republic of Gamers), to build a suite of professional gaming devices, such as laptops, phones, and desktops. The latest phone from Asus, the ROG 6, is backed by Tencent and offers deals for the gaming giant’s titles.

Details: Designed specifically for gaming, the ROG 6 and ROG 6 Pro models have been built with oversized specs, including a maximum of 18GB RAM. The two models have also been built with special designs and features that optimize them for gameplay.

  • The ROG 6 and the Pro both use Qualcomm’s latest high-end Snapdragon processor, which runs 15.8% faster than the previous generation of the chip series.
  • The phone also features an upgraded cooling system for continuous peak performance. The phone also uses 3300mg of boron nitride between the radio frequency board and the motherboard, a material that can cool the whole device more efficiently.
  • Different from the common design of most android phones, which generally feature the main processor at the top of the phone, ROG builds its processors in the middle of the phone, an area where players do not typically hold the phone while gaming. This design ensures better cooling and further limits avoid any overheating scenarios.
  • Another notable feature is that ROG 6 and ROG 6 Pro have built-in triggers, similar to those used on a console controller, and updated X-axis rectangular linear vibration motors for feedback, which offers immersive gameplay.
  • The battery and charging system on these new phones also optimized the design for gamers. Both models use a 6000 mAh battery, which can be charged via two USB Type-C ports that are built in the middle on both sides of the phones, making it more convenient to play while charging. 
  • The phone’s body is designed with a cyberpunk aesthetic, in white and black-themed colors. ROG also launched an extra cooling accessory and a full-size controller for phones with similar designs.
  • The two models will be available to buy on July 12.

Context: Launched in 2006, Asus’ ROG focuses on various gaming hardware, from laptops to separate components like motherboards. The brand has become established in communities of spec geeks (people who prioritize high-level performance and metrics in devices) and gamers on its quality and iconic illumination effects.

Ward Zhou is a tech reporter based in Shanghai. He covers stories about industry of digital content, hardware, and anything geek. Reach him via ward.zhou[a]technode.com or Twitter @zhounanyu.