On Tuesday, Chinese chip design firm Loongson released a new bridge chip with a self-developed graphics processing unit built in. The new 7A2000 is a companion chip working with the Loongson 3 family of central processing units (CPUs) and based on LoongArch instruction set architecture. The new bridge chip handles communication between the CPU and other components in the computer, with the company claiming the new chip is 240% faster than the older model when in Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCI-E) ports. While transferring data to hard drives via SATA, the 7A2000’s performance is 80% faster than the last generation 7A1000 chip according to Loongson. The new built-in GPU features up to 2K resolution output with OpenGL 2.1 render support, however, the specs are still lower than those of Intel and AMD’s latest products. [Loongson, in Chinese]