Two high-profile Chinese celebrity endorsers cut ties with Qudian on Tuesday after the company became embroiled in controversy related to its past as a fast-approval credit service. Jia Nailiang and Fu Shouer announced on Weibo that they had cut ties with the company and apologized for endorsing the brand. Qudian and its CEO Luo Min saw great success in a Douyin livestream on July 17 in which they sold pre-prepared food packages, a new company business venture. Previously the firm’s main business had been providing quick online credit. Before the government cracked down on quick lending services in colleges in mid-2017, Qudian provided high-interest loans to college students and has faced criticism for pushing young people with no stable income into heavy debt. Qudian’s troubled past resurfaced on the Chinese internet after Luo Min joined a livestream on education company New Oriental’s popular channel as a member of the audience and gave rewards to the host to win more exposure. [Sycaijing, in Chinese]