Tencent appointed Hou Xiaonan to lead Tencent Comics from this month, reporting to the firm’s COO Ren Yuxin, media outlet LatePost reported on Thursday. Former Tencent Comics team leader Zou Zhengyu has left the company. Hou is and will remain the president of China Literature, a Tencent subsidiary specializing in online literature, and the vice president of Tencent’s online video department. The move is aimed at building tighter connections between these business units of Tencent. Hou is expected to lead more comic and animation adaptions of popular novel series. Tencent has kept an eye on this industry for years and invested $125 million in Chinese comic app Kuaikan in 2019. Rival Bilibili is contributing to similar businesses, working to bring famous novels such as The Three-Body Problem into animation.[LatePost, in Chinese]