UNISOC, a leading Chinese chip maker, is set to introduce its second generation 5G chip in the second half of 2022 or the first half of 2023, the firm’s chairman Wu Shengwu said at an industry conference on Monday. According to National Business Daily, Wu said UNISOC had already begun mass production of 6nm 5G chips using extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technology, a key technique for advanced chipmaking. UNISOC, which already has three different types of 5G chip on the market, will also fight to establish itself in consumer electronics, IoT, EV electronics, smart displays, and the metaverse, according to Wu. He also revealed the firm’s ambitions to pursue 6G and 5.5G telecom technology. Founded in 2001, UNISOC is one of three 5G chip providers worldwide along with Qualcomm and MediaTek, and the only one based in mainland China, according to the firm’s website. [National Business Daily, in Chinese]