Major Chinese phone vendors Oppo and OnePlus must pay Nokia 2.5 euros ($2.54) per phone to resolve a patent dispute that has seen sales of the Chinese brands’ phones suspended in Germany, the Finnish company has said. In July, Nokia won a lawsuit in a German court after accusing Oppo and OnePlus of patent infringement; the two Chinese brands subsequently halted sales of phones in the country earlier this month. Moreover, Nokia is looking for the compensation to apply globally, not just to phones that Oppo and OnePlus sell in Germany. Oppo has complained about Nokia’s “unreasonable” licensing fees and tough negotiation methods in response to the issue. The dispute between Nokia and Oppo has been going on for over a year and resulted in legal action in multiple territories. Nokia also recently filed a patent-related charge against Oppo in Indonesia for example, but the local court sided with the Chinese brand in July of this year. [Android Police]