India surpassed China in the smartwatch shipment market for the first time ever in the second quarter of 2022, according to a Counterpoint Research report on August 25. India made a 347% year-on-year leap in market share counted by the number of shipments, which rose from 6% to 22% and beat China’s 21% in the same quarter. North America is still the top-performing region for the industry, with a 31% market share of global smartwatch shipments this quarter. Sujeong Lim, an analyst at Counterpoint Research, said, “During the quarter, 30% of models shipped in the Indian market sold for less than $50, and major local brands launched cost-effective models, lowering the entry barriers for consumers.” Around the world, smartwatch shipments saw 13% year-on-year growth in the second quarter. Huawei slid from second to third place among all smartwatch vendors globally, with a 6.8% market share, while Samsung took second place with a 9.2% market share in the second quarter of this year. Apple continues to dominate the market with a 29.3% market share. [Counterpoint Research]