Chinese startup Biren Technology gave more details on its first computing GPU chip, the BR100, at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai on September 2, providing the first offline demonstration of the high-end chip during the conference. A representative from the firm told us that the BR100 will be a major rival to the forthcoming Nvidia H100, which will be affected by a new US ban on exports of high-end GPU chips to China, though Biren is yet to confirm when its new chip will go into mass production. The company claims that the BR100, built with self-developed architecture, surpasses Nvidia’s high-end A100 series on some specs such as Int8. Founded in 2019, Biren Technology focuses on universal computing. According to the firm, it completed its Series B in March 2021, raising over RMB 5 billion ($720 billion). [TechNode reporting]