US officials have issued a new ban on the export of high-performance GPU chips to China, citing concerns over their use by the Chinese military, according to an SEC filing from GPU giant Nvidia on August 31. At least two Nvidia models will be affected by the ban, including the A100 and the forthcoming H100, chips that have been adopted by major Chinese tech firms such as Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu. Nvidia stated that it is reaching out to Chinese clients to discuss possible solutions, according to Caixin. Another GPU giant, AMD, told Reuters on September 1 that the firm had also been made aware of the new ban, which will forbid it from exporting one of its computing cards to China. China is the second largest market for both Nvidia and AMD, making up 26.42% and 24.92% of their global revenues respectively, according to their most recent annual financial reports. [Caixin, in Chinese]