A GameFi version of Sheep a Sheep, a hugely popular elimination game on WeChat’s mini program platform, has gone offline just days after its launch. While retaining the original core gameplay, the GameFi Sheep a Sheep also issued a new cryptocurrency called YLGY and introduced a play-to-earn model. Cryptocurrencies are banned in China and it appears that this GameFi version was not made by the original startup, Beijing Jianyou Technology, but by a former programmer at the company, Chinese news outlet Jiemian reported on Tuesday. Just days after its launch, the title is now unavailable on GameFi, while what purported to be its official Twitter account also no longer seems to exist. CoinMarketCap data shows that the “YLGY” token was initially priced at about $0.012 after its launch, but as of press time, its price has fallen to $0.0013, a 90% drop in just a few days. [Jiemian, in Chinese]