Major Chinese phone vendor Vivo held a release event for its imaging tech, partnered with leading optical firm Zeiss on Monday, revealing major updates to the camera and imaging systems in its next-generation phones. An important update lies in the larger CMOS, a critical component in cameras, which is 77% better at photosensitivity than its current flagship, Vivo X80 Pro. Vivo also said they would bring a 50 mm standard lens to new phones for portraits, which would provide a natural view roughly matching the human angle of vision and a stronger capacity to create bokeh without algorithm processing. It also revealed its next-generation imaging processor, with an optimized architecture featuring larger data bandwidth and 20% better noise reduction for lowlight filming. Vivo partnered with Zeiss in late 2020 and the Vivo X60 is the first series that features optical tech from Zeiss, according to a Zeiss press release. Vivo is now the fifth largest phone vendor worldwide by shipments, taking 9% of the markets in the third quarter this year, according to Canalys. [ITHome, in Chinese]