Alibaba’s grocery chain Freshippo plans to increase the number of Freshippo Outlets discount stores from less than 10 stores to 100 in Shanghai by the year’s end. CEO Hou Yi said on Monday that Freshippo Outlets will be the most important strategic project for Freshippo next year. The company opened the first Freshippo Outlet store in Shanghai in October 2021, aiming to reduce the waste from its stores and processing center. According to Hou’s speech at the company supply-chain meeting held yesterday, Freshippo’s discount brands show significant growth in 2022, with sales increasing more than five times in a year. while its X-member stores rose by more than two times. The company’s business for the sinking market includes Freshippo Neighborhood, Freshippo Mini, and Outlets, but the former has experienced a massive contraction this year, only operating in Shanghai now due to continuous loss-making status. [Cailian Press, in Chinese]