Taiwanese media outlets UDN and DigiTimes reported that TSMC has seen major order cuts. Many of TSMC’s top ten clients have cut more orders than expected in the third quarter. UDN reported that the semiconductor industry has spread the firm’s order cuts in the 3nm process, which is set for volume production in the fourth quarter. An unnamed source from TSMC’s supplier told UDN that orders from TSMC that saw a decline were mainly involved in advanced packaging processes from the end of the third quarter. There could be a decline of 10,000 slices of 3nm wafers per month, according to UDN. The firm has yet to respond to UDN’s query on this issue. Last month, the firm reported its quarterly revenues and set a conservative expectation for the fourth quarter with only 0.4% quarterly growth. TSMC’s 6nm and 7nm utilization also saw a decline due to weak smartphone demand. [UDN, in Chinese]