The US is pushing its allies to follow its chip curbs on China, according to a report by Nikkei Asia. “We were talking to our allies. No one was surprised when we did this, and they all know that we’re expecting them to cover likewise,” said Undersecretary of Commerce for Industry and Security Alan Estevez during a discussion at the Center for a New American Security on Oct. 27. Japan has started closed-door discussions around the US’s request, an insider in the Japanese government told Nikkei Asia. The US is also looking to expand its restrictions on Chinese technology. “We’re not done,” Estevez said. “There are other technologies and there’s other things as technology moves, we’re going to stay with it.” Earlier in October, US officials released sweeping chip controls on China, with collateral damage to other international chip makers such as Samsung and SK Hynix. According to an earlier report by Bloomberg, the US is considering drafting bans on the export of quantum computing and AI software to China. [Nikkei Asia]