Chinese fast fashion retailer Shein is set to open its first offline store in Tokyo on Nov. 13. The store will allow consumers to try on clothing and make purchases by scanning QR codes through Shein app, but products will not be available for purchase directly in the store. The space may also be used for events including fashion shows or designer showcases in the future. The opening follows the launch of Shein pop-up stores in another Japanese city, Osaka, as well as in the Philippines. With its model of ultra-fast new styles and super-cheap prices, the online retailer has now amassed millions of customers worldwide, with the Wall Street Journal reporting last week that the company is expected to generate $24 billion in revenue this year, bringing it closer to the world’s largest fashion giants, Zara and H&M. The report also cited a person close to Shein as stating that it has been profitable since 2019. [InsideRetail; WSJ]