GPU giant Nvidia has confirmed to Reuters that it will offer the alternative high-performance GPU A800 to Chinese clients, which meets the US’s new export controls. Chinese original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are promoting new products with the new chips, according to Nvidia. “The Nvidia A800 GPU, which went into production in Q3, is another alternative product to the Nvidia A100 GPU for customers in China. The A800 meets the US Government’s clear test for reduced export control and cannot be programmed to exceed it,” a Nvidia spokesperson told Reuters. In late September, Nvidia was reported to be looking at offering alternatives to bypass the US ban for Chinese clients, options which it said should “fulfill most of the needs in China,” according to Chinese media outlet Caixin. The mainland Chinese market is essential to Nvidia, accounting for 26% of the firm’s global revenue during its 2022 financial year. [Reuters]