Pinduoduo’s overseas e-commerce platform Temu is planning to expand its business in Canada, with Spain as its next destination, Chinese media outlet LatePost reported on Wednesday. The report also added that the average transaction value in the US – Temu’s first online marketplace – is currently between $20 and $25. By comparison, its rival Shein’s average price per customer in the global market was $75 in the first half of this year, tech media 36Kr reported in September. Meanwhile, Temu has launched a new logistics model named “Just-In-Time” for merchants, aimed at greater cost savings for the platform itself. Previously, Temu merchants were required to stock their products in advance to the company‘s warehouse in Guangzhou, with Temu covering the shipping fees. But merchants now prepare products according to the actual sales and the shipping cost to Temu’s warehouse is borne by the merchants themselves. [LatePost, in Chinese]