Over the weekend, Chinese media reported that a Tesla Model Y was involved in a deadly car crash resulting in two deaths and three injured. The driver’s relative and Tesla have since given conflicting information regarding the cause. Surveillance video online shows the vehicle driving at high speed for 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) and crashing into a motorcycle, multiple bikes, and a tricycle. The driver’s relative posted on China’s microblogging platform Weibo that the crash happened in the early morning of Nov. 5 and that the driver “failed to stop the car after finding that the brake pedal was too hard to press on and pressed P gear.” The relative added that “the car accelerated suddenly and couldn’t be stopped with slams on the brake.” A Tesla spokesperson responded to TechNode (in Chinese) with several points, based on backend data. First, the car’s accelerator “was heavily pressed for a long time and remained at 100% at one point.” Second, there was “no braking action” during the crash. And lastly, “the driver briefly pressed the P gear four times and quickly released it, and the brake lights also quickly turned on and off.” The automaker said the police are seeking a third-party reviewing agency, and they will provide necessary assistance. [Weibo post, Caijing, TechNode reporting]