Chinese gaming giant Tencent held a special event on Nov. 12 to celebrate the seventh anniversary of its hugely popular TiMi Studio-developed title Honor of Kings. At the event, the firm provided new details about expanding a “universe” of productions related to the hit game.

Honor of Kings became China’s most profitable mobile title in January 2022, taking the crown from another mobile title developed by Tencent, PUBG Mobile. The game generated $190 million in September alone, according to US data firm Sensor Tower. Launched in 2015 in China, Honor of Kings recorded 50 million daily active users in 2016 and then hit 100 million in 2020, according to official data. Tencent brought the game to overseas markets for the first time this year. 

The game’s success has spurred Tencent to pursue a similar strategy used successfully with League of Legends: building and expanding the game’s universe by adding related titles and spin-off products for greater revenue growth.

While the titles shown at the event did not come with specific launch dates, the update was still a positive sign that the projects remain in progress despite the recent challenging regulatory environment for the Chinese games industry.

The event showcased new developments on three gaming titles – Honor of Kings Chess, Honor of Kings: World, and Code: Breaking Dawn – and one animation entitled Brothers Baili (all names are our translations). We’ve outlined the details (that we know of so far) for each below.

Honor of Kings Chess

At the release event, Tencent announced a new chess title based on Honor of Kings. Judging by the computer graphics preview, Honor of Kings Chess is either an auto chess or auto battle gaming title, with gameplay similar to League of Legends’ Golden Shovel (our translation). Players use strategies on the cards dealt to them or chess combos to fight with other players. The title was developed by a unit from the main Honor of Kings title, according to ITHome (in Chinese). 

Honor of Kings: World

First revealed in October 2021, Honor of Kings: World is an open-world RPG title. At the event, Tencent released a new demo video of the gameplay, presenting more details about character skills and the gaming world. Based on this, the title features a stylish art design similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with stunning visual effects during combat scenes. The general gaming scenes are also of high graphic quality and look close to an AAA-level title. Some details, such as clothes and grass, display surprisingly realistic physical effects.

The title will be published globally on multiple platforms, according to the description of a previous video released through Tencent’s official Bilibili account.

Code: Breaking Dawn

Code: Breaking Dawn is a fighting game that was first announced in 2020. The game title brings major “kings” from Honor of Kings to a stage for Street Fighter-style player-versus-player battles. At the event, Tencent released a new teaser trailer, demonstrating the skills of some of the characters, including Sun Wukong, Diaochan, and Kai.

However, the title is still in development, and no specific launch date has been set.

Brothers Baili

In addition to the aforementioned gaming titles, Tencent also provided an update on its Honor of Kings feature film series. The first movie, named Brothers Baili, will focus on the stories of the two popular characters Baili Shouyue and Baili Xuance. The movie will dive into the brothers’ childhood, building out the characters’ backstories. 

Based on the trailer, the animation could be presented in a 3D style. According to the description, the trailer involved Huang Chengxi, a notable director and animation artist who worked on 2017’s Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

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