Missfresh, once one of China’s leading neighborhood grocery delivery services, saw net losses double last year and now has just 55 full-time employees remaining, the company’s much delayed 2021 financial report shows. The Nasdaq-listed company shut down its instant delivery business nationwide in July without any advance notice, and now reportedly faces 1,381 lawsuits brought by its Chinese subsidiaries, employees or former employees. According to the report, meant to be published six months ago, Missfresh’s net revenue increased by 13.3% to RMB 6.95 billion ($1,090.8 million) in 2021, while its net loss more than doubled year-on-year to a total of RMB 3.85 billion in 2021. This was due in part to the company increasing its general and administrative investments, along with technology and content expenses, which, as a percentage of revenue, were up by 8% and 5% respectively compared to the previous year. Missfresh’s total liabilities reached $3.6 billion at the end of 2021, according to the report. [Missfresh]