Foxconn has managed to recruit 100,000 workers to fill the staffing gaps at its Covid-hit Zhengzhou plant with the help of the local government, according to Chinese media outlet Yicai. Foxconn is also offering workers up to RMB 8,000 ($1,117.35) if they remain at the Zhengzhou facility from November to next March, according to posts on the firm’s official WeChat account. Those who work more than 20 days will also be rewarded with up to RMB 10,000. According to earlier reports, local officials also encouraged retired People’s Liberation Army (PLA) members to work for the Zhengzhou Foxconn plant, the world’s largest iPhone assembly line. Apple has warned that iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max deliveries could experience delays after the facility was affected by Zhengzhou’s Covid-related lockdowns. For Shanghai, the estimated delivery date for the iPhone 14 Pro is now as late as January next year. [SCMP]