Major Chinese phone vendor Honor released its new mobile system, MagicOS 7.0, in China at Tuesday’s developer conference. Based on Android 13, the new system features on-device AI, cross-device capability, and an improved user interface. The new system allows users to continue where they left off on another device, similar to Apple’s handoff. Honor also added a new feature that allows users to save articles and videos from the news app to read later offline. The system’s built-in on-device AI can learn and predict users’ habits to offer recommendations based on routine. To protect privacy, the AI data won’t be uploaded but can be transferred when users purchase a new device. The AI also supports other system-level features like optical character recognition. The new system comes with an upgraded OS Turbo X tech, optimizing performance and power consumption and reducing lags by 43% and 29% when sliding in apps and opening new apps, respectively. For the UI, Honor introduced a new font face, Honor Sans, and optimized motions for a smoother experience. According to Honor, a new health app is landing in the system later this year. MagicOS 7.0 will be rolled out for 19 Honor models, according to its website. [Honor, in Chinese]