Zhengzhou Foxconn made an announcement on Thursday apologizing for a salary-related “input error” that caused disappointment and worker unrest in the iPhone manufacturing facility. Responding to worker concerns about salaries and conditions within Foxconn, the firm claimed they would stick with the salary standards that were promised in the recruitment posters. The announcement also noted that Foxconn would offer a “care subsidy” for those who intended to return home. The plant in Zhengzhou, one of the largest iPhone assemblers worldwide, managed to hire 100,000 new workers, offering bonuses and higher salaries in an effort to restore the former rate of iPhone production, with help from the local government. Reuters reported that efforts to curb Covid-19 in China could lead to an iPhone production decline of as much as 30% in November. Apple also warned earlier this month that iPhone 14 Pro models would suffer from a longer delivery time. [Reuters]