A Chinese gaming software that allows players to play overseas games, Xunlei gaming booster (our translation), will end service on December 1, according to its official notice. The decision was due to “adjustments in operation strategy and the overall operation situation.” The firm will offer refunds for the unused paid service time. Earlier this year, Tencent also stopped game-boosting services for overseas titles. Boosters are essential for domestic players to play foreign player-versus-player titles, without which, even Steam, the top online gaming store, is barely accessible in mainland China. Chinese players can still turn to alternatives, like UU Game Booster provided by Chinese game giant NetEase. Xunlei, a notable file download app, reported $88.3 million in revenue, a 47.1% yearly increase, in the third quarter of this year. The firm turned a net profit of $8.35 million, compared to a $5.1 million loss during the same period last year. [Xunlei, in Chinese]