Apple announced the winners of its App Store Awards 2022 on Tuesday, with two Tencent-affiliated gaming titles among those picking up prizes. Apex Legends Mobile, co-developed by Electronic Arts (EA) and Tencent’s LightSpeed Studios, was awarded iPhone Game of the Year. The title was initially one of the most successful player-versus-player titles on PC and consoles from EA, and a mobile version with the same gameplay experience was launched overseas in May. League of Legends Esports Manager from Tencent also won the China Game of the Year award. The simulation game title attracted League of Legends players and broader e-sports fans alike, becoming popular on major Chinese streaming platforms after its public testing in July this year. The awards can be seen as a justification for Tencent’s recent strategic moves, with the Chinese gaming giant continuing to build up “content universes” around its top titles and to work with notable foreign studios to bring major titles to mobile platforms. [Apple]