In response to claims of labor abuse made in a recent UK documentary, Chinese fashion retailer Shein said on Monday that it will spend $15 million on upgrades to its suppliers’ factories to cover “physical enhancements” in the next three to four years. The Channel 4 documentary “Inside the Shein Machine: UNTOLD” claimed that workers at two factories in China were working as long as 13.5 hours a day, violating China’s labor laws. The undercover investigation also suggested that workers were being paid as little as $0.03 per item, though Shein argued that this “misrepresents the wage structures used by suppliers” and claimed that workers in the two factories earn significantly more than the minimum wage. The company has now cut orders from the two producers by three-quarters and asked them to address the working hours situation by the end of December, according to a Shein statement on the matter. [Shein]