China’s three major express courier platforms – JD backed-Dada, SF Express’ SFTC, and Shansong – announced on Monday evening that they will provide same-city logistics services for ByteDance-owned Douyin’s local life services arm, posing a direct threat to the sector’s dominant platform Meituan. Short video platform Douyin, which has nearly 700 million daily active users, is aiming for an average one-hour delivery time for group buy food orders. The TikTok sister platform recently allowed Alibaba’s food delivery arm to go live on its app via a mini program, with users able to order food from a nearby restaurant directly without leaving Douyin. Local tech media outlet 36Kr previously reported that Douyin’s local life services GMV in the first half of this year had already surpassed the RMB 20 billion ($2.86 billion) target that it set (and failed to reach) for the entirety of 2021. The report added that total local life services sales on Douyin exceeded RMB 10 billion in October alone. [Dada; SF Express; Shansong]