Major Chinese phone maker Oppo revealed its in-house designed Bluetooth audio chipset MariSilicon Y on Wednesday. Produced by the N6RF technique, the new chipset is the second member of the MariSilicon family. Oppo claims the chip powers a large Bluetooth bandwidth, 50% better than the top rivals on the market, with a data rate of up to 12 Mbps on the physical layer. It can transmit unprecedented 24-bit 192-kHz lossless audio through Bluetooth. For comparison, the LDAC codec from the leading audio device maker Sony can deliver audio at 24 bits and 96 kHz. Last year, Oppo introduced a self-developed 6nm chip MariSilicon X, which is an image-processing NPU. The chip has been applied in its phones such as the Reno 8 Pro. The firm has stated that its MariSilicon Y chip will initially only be available for use in its own phones. [TechNode reporting]