Chinese gaming giant Tencent has acquired 20% of Goddess of Victory: Nikke developer Shift Up, becoming the second largest shareholder in the Korean studio, people familiar with the matter told Korean media outlet Money Today Network in a report on Dec. 15. Tencent’s global gaming publisher Level Infinite has secured the publishing rights for Goddess of Victory: Nikke last month, which made a big splash with 5.3 million downloads and $102.6 million in revenue (excluding stores’ fees) in the month until Dec. 3, according to US mobile market intelligence firm Appmagic. Those figures mean its first month revenue was about ten times that of hit titles such as Apex Legends Mobile ($11.6m) and Marvel Snap ($10m). The studio is expected to IPO next year, according to Money Today Network. Seeing revenue declining in its home gaming market, Tencent has pushed to invest in overseas assets and studios in recent years, including buying a stake in Elden Ring developer FromSoftware and upping its holdings in Ubisoft this year. [Money Today Network, in Korean]