Chinese gaming firm NetEase has revived a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game entitled Wild Fire, which it previously shut down in 2020, according to a post on the game’s social media accounts on Wednesday. The title is now open for appointment on PC platforms. The game was developed by NetEase’s Inception Studio and first launched in China in 2016, landing on mobile platforms in 2017, but it failed to become a hit. NetEase, the second-largest gaming firm in China by market cap, had it closed in 2019 on mobile platforms and in 2020 on PC. The move comes as NetEase is set to lose its license on the Blizzard-developed MOBA title Heroes, following the two companies’ inability to renew their game licensing agreement, which expires in January. The loss of Blizzard titles, plus the shortage of new gaming licenses being approved in China, could mean that the rekindling of old games becomes a key strategy for NetEase in the coming months. [Game Insight, in Chinese]