China on Thursday rebuffed earlier reports of the launch of a state-backed ride-hailing platform. Xuexi, an app that studies Chinese political thought and is overseen by China’s Publicity Department, said in a statement that a mini-program within the app called “Qiang Guo Jiao Tong” is not a “state-backed ride-hailing platform as reported by some media.” It is an interface connecting another trucking app that the government launched in April 2021 to help drivers streamline the road approval process during the period of Covid control measures, the statement added. Xuexi also mentioned that the interface is still under development. Beijing Daily first reported the mini-program on Wednesday. It said the interface is “expected to integrate more than 90% of the total capacity of the transportation market” and will focus on providing services to state employees and protecting their personal data. [21jingji, in Chinese]