The Biden administration is considering banning all US suppliers, including Intel, Microsoft, and Qualcomm, from exporting to Huawei. Responding to the possible blanket ban, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said on Tuesday that “China is firmly opposing the US government’s abuse of state power and unreasonable suppression of Chinese companies.” Huawei declared at the end of 2022 that it had exited the “crisis mode” it had been in since US sanctions against it were enacted in 2019, and was set to return to normal operations in 2023. However, if the US tightens its supply of chips and operating systems to Huawei, the company might face more difficulties in producing consumer electronic devices. Some US companies’ supplier licenses with Huawei have been delayed as they await clarification from the US government, Chinese media outlet Caixin reported on Tuesday, citing sources familiar with the matter. [Caixin, in Chinese]