China’s eastern city of Nanjing will host the 2023 Global 6G Technology Conference from March 22 to March 24. The conference will address the theme of global 6G integration and will be hosted by the Future Mobile Communication Forum (a non-profit organization partly supported by several Chinese government agencies) and PM Labs (an innovation platform established by Nanjing city government). The conference will invite several international academic organizations, including Finland’s 6G Flagship Program, Japan’s 5G Forum (5GMF), and Singapore’s Future Communications Program, to jointly organize relevant forums. The conference will also invite top industry experts to present technical reports, and participate in roundtable discussions and international forums. The event will feature discussions on four major topics: 6G application scenarios and standardization progress, network architecture and endogenous security, wireless transmission, and spectrum sharing, and space-ground integration technology and on-demand service. [IThome, in Chinese]