Tencent is considering bringing the Meta Quest 2 VR headset to China, with the tech giant unable to build XR hardware devices itself and having made several failed attempts to acquire metaverse-related startups, according to several sources who spoke to the tech media outlet 36Kr. Tencent has yet to respond to the outlet’s report. The move has reportedly been in the works for about four months, after the former head of Tencent’s XR project left last November. The temporary vacancy was filled by Qian Geng, general manager of Tencent’s Nintendo cooperation department. Qian’s appointment suggests a new development model for Tencent’s XR project, according to the report, which could involve leveraging the firm’s partnership with Nintendo. Tencent currently localizes Switch games for the Chinese market and may apply a similar approach to the XR unit, the report suggested. [36Kr, in Chinese]