Alibaba’s chip unit T-Head said it foresees RISC-V, an open-sourced architecture for computer processors, to be used in more advanced scenarios in China. RISC-V has already been used in less-demand scenarios such as IoTs, Meng Jianyi, vice president of T-Head, said at a Thursday RISC-V conference. Meng said the architecture can be used in car chips and AI chips in the near future. Meng also emphasized the importance of accelerating domestic development in this area, as many foreign projects have already started using RISC-V for AI chips in training applications such as ChatGPT and autonomous driving. Meng also sees RISC-V filling customizable demand in a market dominated by Intel’s x86 and Arm architecture. T-Head plans to launch high-end RISC-V related products in 2024. [Caixin, in Chinese]