Apple is set to use OLED screens manufactured by Chinese firm BOE for its fourth-generation iPhone SE, which is expected to be released next year, according to Korean electronics industry media outlet The ELEC. Earlier reports indicated that BOE missed out on providing OLED panels for the iPhone 15 due to light leakage problems, with Samsung and LG receiving the majority of orders. Sources have indicated that the iPhone SE4 will adopt a design similar to the iPhone 13 or 14, featuring a 6.1-inch OLED display and an Apple-designed 5G chip for the first time. Since the non-full-screen design of the iPhone SE2 and SE3 is outdated in a full-screen phone dominated market, the iPhone SE4 is expected to revitalize the series. The general specifications of the SE4 are expected to be similar to those of the standard iPhone 14. Since the total volume of SE4 OLED panels could be as high as 20 million units, observers believe Apple may provide subsequent iPhone orders to BOE if the company successfully manages this one in 2024. [ZOL, in Chinese]