TikTok’s Chinese sibling app Douyin launched its first long-form video app Qing Tao on Feb. 16. The youth-oriented new platform focuses on hobby- and knowledge-based videos, with a slogan of “Share your Passion.” Currently only available in China for Android users, the app enables direct interaction with Douyin. With subject matter leaning heavily into technology, popular science, sports, culture, and art, plus its design similarities with Bilibili, Qing Tao is being widely seen as ByteDance’s attempt to compete with the popular ACG (anime, comics, and games) platform. Some industry figures believe Bilibili faces a dilemma in expanding its user base, while Qing Tao may have the potential to reach a larger audience by tapping into Douyin’s existing reach, local Chinese media outlet IThome reported. According to Douyin’s official data, knowledge-based videos shared on the app increased by 35.4% year-on-year in 2022. [IThome, in Chinese]