Chinese phone brand Oppo plans to withdraw its phone business from Germany and the UK, and maintain only basic operations in the two countries, according to a report in Chinese media outlet 36Kr. The report indicates that Oppo may exit these two countries in the middle of this year but will continue to operate in the rest of Europe, including France, Italy, Spain, and Finland. “It’s not an era of expansion for the current phone industry, and our market adjustment is periodic,” Oppo told 36Kr in a statement, “However, our focus on the European market is unchangeable, and we will make accurate and efficient investments.” According to the tech market analysis platform Counterpoint, smartphone shipments in Europe totaled 176 million units in 2022, the lowest level since 2012 and a 17% year-on-year drop. In the fourth quarter of 2022, Oppo’s smartphone shipments in Europe declined by 39% year-on-year. [36Kr, in Chinese]