The number of people watching short form videos exceeded 1.01 billion in China as of December 2022, accounting for 94.8% of the country’s online population, according to a report from the official-backed China Internet Audio & Video Convention. Users spent an average of 168 minutes per day watching short videos in 2022, which is “significantly higher” than other applications, according to the report. The two leading Chinese short video providers, ByteDance-owned Douyin and Kuaishou, accounted for 59.5% of the market, while their “Lite” versions, designed for slower network connections, and ByteDance’s other video platform Xigua Video, made up another 31.1% of the market. The report also mentioned that the platforms have become the primary source of news information for many internet users, with nearly half of them preferring short videos over TV as their daily news source. [Caixin, in Chinese]