Since March 31, ChatGPT has been suspending accounts on a large scale, especially in Asia, for unknown reasons, according to a report by Chinese tech media outlet 36Kr. Accounts using Chinese dialog are particularly susceptible to being blocked, the report says. Some Chinese netizens have therefore recommended not logging into ChatGPT in recent days to avoid being affected. OpenAI has not yet commented on the situation. Despite not being officially available in China, sellers on some e-commerce platforms in China have been offering ChatGPT account registrations since the chatbot launched, generating huge sales volume. According to industry analysts, possible reasons for ChatGPT banning accounts include batch account registration, API (application programming interface) abuse, and technical problems caused by excessive traffic. Recently, Italy banned the use of ChatGPT and Samsung claimed that its data was leaked due to the program, which has further fueled Chinese users’ concerns about the AI product, 36Kr added. [36Kr, in Chinese]