Chinese tech giant Alibaba unveiled its large language model, Tongyi Qianwen, today at the firm’s Cloud Summit held in Beijing. CEO Daniel Zhang announced that the company plans to integrate the artificial intelligence model into all of its businesses “in the near future.” Alibaba’s answer to ChatGPT will first be embedded into its workplace messaging app DingTalk, with the ability to write emails and summarize meeting notes in response to prompts. Additionally, Tongyi Qianwen will be added to Alibaba’s voice assistant Tmall Genie. The launch of a ChatGPT rival follows those of Baidu and SenseTime, indicating that Chinese tech companies are racing to combine their existing businesses with AI services amid a huge amount of hype around the technology. Meanwhile, Alibaba plans to offer access to Tongyi Qianwen via its cloud service, aiming to assist corporate clients in building customized large language models, similar to rival Baidu’s enterprise-scale model platform, Wenxin Qianfan. [TechNode reporting]