SenseTime, a Chinese artificial intelligence firm, unveiled its large-scale model system SenseNova on Monday, which includes a chatbot tool, text-to-image generator, and avatar video generator. The company’s CEO Xu Li showcased its SenseChat chatbot in real-time with a demonstration of storytelling, code-writing and medical advice based on prompts. SenseChat has more than 100 billion parameters, the company’s co-founder Wang Xiaogang noted, while the image generator and visual model contain 1 billion and 32 billion parameters respectively. ChatGPT, by comparison, has 175 billion parameters. SenseTime has not yet released its AI-powered products for public testing, reserving access to government and corporate clients for now, a different strategy from Baidu with ERNIE Bot and Alibaba with Tongyi Qianwen. [Caixin, in Chinese]